The inspiration for Sunsara Scents came from several meaningful elements in my life. Throughout my life, I have always wanted to transpire my affinity for fragrance into a bottle on the shelves.  I would also find myself always looking for the perfect candle to light in my home. All along, never quite finding the perfect note. So I sought out to learn the art of candle making. It was the perfect catalyst to create a scented vessel. Each scent is taken from life experiences that have moved me, and that have great memories attached to it. So now, the name, you ask? Well, to the wrap it all up in a bow, my godmother named me 'Sunsara', the active-minded theorist. To which the task of fulfilling the fragrant void was a blessing and challenge accepted! May God Bless her soul, Trannie Mae Gant!


~Sunsara Washington~


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