7.5oz- 1lb 1.9 oz... 4"h x 2.75"w x 2.675d--- $10
12.25- 1lb 9.6oz... 4.625"h x 3"w x 3”d    ---  $15    

paraffin wax, wick, glass jar, scented oils


This scent was inspired by our travels to Europe. Where the narrow walkways of Capri were lined with the locals' freshly laundered clothing, drying in the Mediterranean sun. Warm and elegant notes come through in this candle, while being light and clean. A great scent for your bedroom, powder room, laundry room or closet.

This candle was inspired by no other than the Jamaican Islands, mon! Where we enjoy the raptures of the natural local air, filled with notes of fresh fruits, coconut oils, and fresh tropical waters. It's vacation in a candle, feet in the sand and all! Great for a den, basement, loft, family room or patio.

This candle is the scent of, freeeeeedom! There's nothing like getting done early on a sunny day, and you're feeling fine! This candle exudes sexy, and the "feel good-look good" mantra. So allow yourself to enjoy the aroma while sipping a nice, crisp glass of vino bianco! Great for your office, dining room, kitchen, sunroom or patio.

You know that scent of freshly cut cucumber, or how about the tingly aroma of a rejuvenation mask in the spa... well, here she is folks. Cool, fresh, earthy, crisp and light. It's the perfect scent for a kitchen, bedroom, powder room, closet or spa clinic.

Just a cascading outpour of fresh strawberries into the air... there's nothing better. Because it's that scent that you knew from a child. It's just youthful, lighthearted, playful and delicious with comfort! Great for the living room, kid's bedroom, living room, basement or powder room.

With notes of ripe blackberry, snappy currants, wild raspberry and succulent mulberry, this candle sums it all up beautifully. There is a ripe, bright and saturated berry essence that emits from this candle. Great for playrooms, kitchens, schools, boutiques, powder rooms or kitchens.

Well you can just put on your dungaree overalls and start picking in the sunshine! This candle has the most perfect, genial notes of freshly picked, juicy peaches in the summertime. The fragrance is so familiar, you can almost taste it. That snap of the peach skin, followed by juicy sweet nectar. Great in kitchens, nurseries, playrooms, offices, stores and decks.

Fluffy, warm white, passionate, clean, matte vanilla extract. 'Nuf said. Great for your bedroom, by the tub, boudoir, housewarming gift, Valentine’s present, living room, den, everywhere candle.

OK ladies and gents… this scent appeals to both sexes uniquely. For women, we smell that musky, leathery, cool and fresh masculinity in this candle. And for men, they tune into that ‘fresh car scent’ mixed with an assertive earthy and musky aroma. Great for your bedroom, vanity, office, powder room, kitchen, den, family/living room, she shed or man cave.

The sweetness of the citrus combined with the brightness of the cranberry makes for such an uplifting and care-free candle. Its scent carries notes of perfectly ripened citrus skins along with a bright and cleansing tart of cran. Just such a unique fragrance that you didn’t expect, but so happily enjoy. Great for your kids’ rooms, kitchen, office, sunroom or patio.

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